Empowering Situational Leaders™

“Enhances leadership effectiveness and overall team performance by enabling leaders to cultivate their personal and position power bases”

Empowering Situational Leaders is a practice-rich workshop that empowers your leaders to challenge any preconceived notions that “power” connotes something negative and discover its practical application and significance in the influence process. Participants explore the research that validates the relevance of power in the workplace and the connection between effective leadership and the Key Three power bases: Legitimate, Referent and Expert power. A comprehensive video-based case study provides the context for interactive skill building and peer coaching activities designed to help participants build and leverage their own power bases and become more effective leaders. Experience the benefits of Empowering Situational Leaders:

  • Validates the relevance of seven power bases in modern organizations within the context of the history of power
  • Provides immediate actionable strategies for increasing the three primary bases of power that are most critical for leaders to effectively influence others
  • Utilizes the Power Perception Profile assessment as a tool for self-improvement through an analysis of self and multirater feedback
  • Challenges participants to develop action-oriented strategies they can implement to enhance their influence potential and drive behavior change

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