Leading Change

“Empowers leaders to navigate change and successfully implement new initiatives to develop resilience and agility in team members”

Leading Change course components

Leading Change provides participants with the tools to successfully manage any situation and strategically navigate the dynamics of change. This program introduces a model and key success factors for improving the chances to successfully manage a change implementation. Participants explore how to assess the levels of resistance and readiness for change in people and how to address those situations appropriately. Participants also learn how to apply specific supporting skills to successfully implement change initiatives. These supporting skills include avoiding common change implementation pitfalls, developing resilience in others, leveraging the inclusion of key stakeholders and improving organizational communication. Experience the benefits of Leading Change:

  • Develop a custom blueprint to assist efforts in successfully implementing change
  • Identify strategies for unfreezing, changing and refreezing behavior
  • Leverage knowledge of time-tested leadership and influence strategies to accelerate the pace of change
  • Recognize resistance to change and respond appropriately

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