Situational Coaching®

“In today’s fast-paced global market, your managers must not only successfully lead but actively coach employees in order to achieve desired results”

Situational Coaching® course components


Situational Coaching® immerses participants in Situational Leadership® and its application to drive continuous coaching conversations. Leaders are exposed to various coaching tools, as well as a framework proven to unlock and maximize the capabilities of their teams, building their individual and collective capacity for higher levels of current and future performance. Effective coaching promotes creativity, performance excellence and individual resilience – qualities that enhance an organization’s ability to excel within an environment of continuous change and gain a competitive edge. Experience the benefits of Situational Coaching®:

  • Gain an increased ability to help others maximize their job performance
  • Reduce stress and increase efficiency by effectively aligning coaching behaviors to coachees’ needs
  • Apply a coaching discussion framework to conduct more effective coaching conversations
  • Identify coaching opportunities and assess task-specific Performance Readiness® while monitoring progress

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