Situational Leadership®: Taking Charge

“Enhances employee engagement and alignment by empowering individual contributors with tools to communicate about their development and what they need from their leaders”

Situational Leadership®: Taking Charge materials

Situational Leadership®: Taking Charge is an engaging course designed to help front-line employees and individual contributors develop a thorough understanding of the leadership process. When employees can recognize a clear connection between their performance and the success of the organization, they perform to the full extent of their capabilities, as opposed to simply working within the parameters of their job descriptions. Utilizing the performance language of Situational Leadership®, participants learn to diagnose their own task-specific Performance Readiness® and effectively communicate their specific performance needs to their supervisors. Experience the benefits of Situational Leadership®: Taking Charge:

  • Improves the quality and quantity of employee-initiated communication
  • Educates employees on their role in the leadership process
  • Boosts productivity through a culture of engagement defined by focused employees delivering results that matter
  • Increases the transparency between front-line employees and first-line managers

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