Learning is an ongoing process, not an event.

Training should begin with the end in mind. The reason an organization invests in training is grounded in goal achievement and enhanced productivity. That investment is tied directly to the tangible benefits that can be derived from active participation in leadership development training. At The Center for Leadership Studies, we’re serious about driving Level III behavior change, which is derived from Donald Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation. Level III is the degree to which the participant applies what they learned during training on the job. We pride ourselves on designing and developing sustainment resources that support this cause and drive true behavior change.

The Four Moments of Truth materials

The Four Moments of Truth

The Four Moments of Truth™ is a time-sensitive, sequential process that trainees and next-level managers can employ to ensure the sustainment of training. As we know, evidence shows that event-based training overwhelmingly fails to ensure the successful transfer of learning to on-the-job performance. The Four Moments of Truth™ is a practical system for sustaining training, grounded in the historical contributions of Donald Kirkpatrick, Mary Broad, John Newstrom and Robert Brinkerhoff. The simple four-step process provides a structure for the trainee and the next-level manager to have focused discussions before and after a training event, which has proven to provide a bridge between learning and application.

The Learning Journal

The Learning Journal

The Learning Journal contains exercises designed to enhance the leader’s knowledge base, specific to Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders. This guided sustainment tool provides leaders with the opportunity for additional practice and reflection. Effective influence takes a concerted effort by leaders and by utilizing the Learning Journal, leaders have the opportunity to reflect on their classroom experience and begin mapping out the type of leader they want to become.

iSitLead® application on two iPhone screens


iSitLead® is the sustainment application for Situational Leadership®. Currently available for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android® phone, iSitLead® serves as a centralized location for all of your Situational Leadership® resources. The application includes the Situational Leadership® Model, Performance Readiness® Assessment applet, Pocket Reference Guide applet and a full media gallery of podcasts, videos, blog posts and more!