Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders

“Equips leaders in organizations with the tools necessary to skillfully navigate the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce and evolving global economy”

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Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders provides leaders with an action-oriented framework that increases both the quantity and quality of performance conversations by matching an individual’s Performance Readiness® Level for a specific task with the appropriate leadership style. This task-specificity is at the heart of Situational Leadership® and is paramount to ensuring that your organization is comprised of capable Situational Leaders who drive behavior change. Experience the benefits of Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders:

  • Prepares leaders to effectively assess and adapt to situations, opportunities and challenges of leading others
  • Builds necessary skills for assessing readiness of team members to perform at an optimal level
  • Provides an action-oriented leadership framework and performance development process
  • Empowers leaders with strategies to enhance performance and teamwork

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Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders Virtual

This new delivery option combines six modules with a three-part case study learning activity. Participants learn to effectively manage by immediately prioritizing broad actions into specific tasks and utilizing the tools that indicate each individual’s ability to perform.

Virtual instructor-led training provides the same real-time communication of traditional classroom training, while also offering options for continuous learning and enables even the most remote learners to engage training.

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